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Beginning with our father’s legacy, the origin of Stabro Corporation can be traced all the way back to 1965, with its roots firmly established in the world of Tropical Oils. Each aspect of the company functions to serve the fats and oils industry in a diversified manner. 

Our global team has a proven track record of success and is composed of high-caliber experts from an encompassing range of professional backgrounds. Stabro Corp is equipped to support all facets of commodities trading, from raw material procurement and supply chain management, all the way through project development and risk assessment.

We learned by doing, and it’s our experience that sets us apart… What do we love about our work?

We specialize in taking the global to the micro level in ways that benefit our clients. We’re an international business, but it’s a small world when you’re in a niche industry.

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    What we offer and consider


    We are your one stop location for all your commodities trading to expand your investment portfolio.

    Business Development

    Stabro understands the commodities market and how the business is developing now and in the future.

     Risk Management

    Risk tolerance and management are crucial in any good portfolio and investment strategy.

    Supply Chain & Procurement Process

    Knowing the commodoties supply chain so we can understand the availability of each item in the future.



    Animal Feed

    Personal Care

    A Background You Can Rely On

    Our dynamic team of specialists has a record of success in terms of:

    • Asset optimization, translated into positive PNL realization
    • Exponential growth in market shares
    • Expedited information about the market, so timely investment decisions can be made
    • In-depth cost analysis in order to shed customer inefficiencies
    • 24/7 availability for rapid response to shifting global markets
    • Whole supply chain management, from sourcing to shipping 
    • The ability to source products that are difficult to find